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Dean Prodromides Email: OFFLINE
Prowlerpro Gear Page
400 Horsepower Best Fogger Mile to Date "11.94 @ 115 mph". Belanger long tube headers, Gears, Dry Nitrous system, Dual Throttle Body, High Rise Manifold

For Prowler Engine modifications, contact Norm Brandes of Westech Automotive in Wisconsin. His number is 262-889-4346.

Norm is working on a number of modifications to the 3.5 V-6 Prowler engine. He has the benefit of virtually all of the development work that has been done on the engine to date and access to inside information from DC's engine plants.
He is focusing on maximizing the output of the basic engine and to making it live with supercharger and or nitrous. I may be a little premature, but he will have the basic engine combination to use for Prowler projects. (by: Bob Longstreth)



Prowler Performance Exhaust

Prowler Online

Performance cat back Prowler exhaust, tuned stainless steel w/twin Prowler embossed
chrome tips.

A forum that has gone to the next level.
Want to speak your mind?
Here is prowler online!

Chat Board Forum

Real Rod

Mike Krehel & Nitrous

They have a whole bunch of
COOL add on's for the Prowler! OFFLINE

Mike demonstrates the NOS system for the Prowler with real mpegs!

SO-Cal Speedshop

Mike Krehels Detroit Tour!

Some of the things being considered for the Prowler are a NOS kit, new Torque Converter, rear-end lowering kit & new rear suspension.

Tony Thacker 909-469-6171

Mike took pictures of the Detroit plant for the Prowler! OFFLINE

TGF Metalcrafters

Hot Bras By Kal

Rear Spoiler, Front Lower Spoiler , Front Grill ,
Rocker Side Panels , Rear Valance, Head Rest Trim, Door Panel Inserts, Hard Top , Hardtop Storage Cradle w/cover , & Front Bumper Covers

Excerpt from kal's site: "Kal can Custom Design your paint or he can use your design to enhance your chance of Winning every time you show your rig."


Fred Henkel South Texas Chapter

Speed Lingerie

Compact Nose cover bra's that are color matched to factory paint color and speed rated to go speeds in excess of 150 mph





1240 W Latimer Ave
Campbell, CA 95008
408-871-7907 Direct

Carlini Design


Front suspension cover set, Chrome front struts, Headrest covers, Transmission cooler cover, Rear wheel spacers, Rear roll pan, Front-end chroming, Rear-end chroming.


Gary Empfield 949-380-8587 or Cell at 949-697-8404




Polished Stainless (4 Braces) with
Polished Fasteners
No modifications needed to install


Kenne Bell (Optimizer II)

They have air intakes, Nitrouse oxide,  Suspencion braces, and other kits for Prowlers. OFFLINE

Prowler Optimizer II upgrade is $349

Send your PCM to Kenne Bell Inc., they ship it back to you Next Day Air no charge.
Kenne Bell is able to gain about +3 > +5 hp at the top and make about 12 to 15 horsepower at the shifts, which makes it feel quite a bit better.


Dyno Example


Crisper, quicker WOT shifts Cooler fan settings Raising / Lowering of Rev limiters Raising / Lowering of Speed limiters Calibration of spark values for use with regular unleaded fuel for economy

Lowering thermostat temps to 160 from 180. Message from


George Deane

Paxton Auto Corp

Nitrous Warehouse

Paxton Novi 1000, Paxton 3.25 inch Pulley, Paxton Exhaust, Paxton Software Upgrade, Paxton X-Pipe and Paxton Shorty Headers.

Note: This kit has been discontinued!


Prowlerexcitement Paxton Install Page


Paxton Install Page

The Plymouth "Prowler" Package!
If you bought anywhere else... YOU PAID TOO MUCH!

John Stewart, "Mr. Nitrous"...
713-898-1795 OFFLINE

Prowler Nitrous Details

Test Your Line Speed

Yahoo Directions


Service & Diag Manuals For 2000.

Dustless Brakes.
Dustless brake pads, part #PGD730QS


Prowlerexcitement Raybestos Install

Service Manual (812700023) $90


Transmission Diagnostic (8169999067) $6


Body Diagnostic (8169999066) $11 Powertrain


Diagnostic (8169999065) $9


Binder w/Prowler logos (8169996224) $39


Call CHRYSLER @ 800/890-4038 to order

Service Manuals

Diagnostic manual sections

1997 81-270-71230 Loose leaf


1997/99 81-270-9123 Loose leaf


2000 81-270-0023 Bound


2001 81-270-1023 Bound


2002 81-270-2029 Bound


1997 81-699-96224 binder

1997 loose leaf 1999 and bound


1997 81-699-96099 3.5L SFI Powertrain diagnostic procedure


1997 81-699-96100 42LE Transaxle diagnostic procedure


1997 81-699-96102 Body/Chassis diagnostic procedure


2002 812-700-2016 3.5L SFI Powertrain diagnostic procedure


2002 812-700-2015 42LE Transaxle diagnostic procedure


2002 812-700-2017 Body/Chassis diagnostic procedure

Prowler Mud Flaps

Alternator Pulley & Alternator Part #'s

Mud flap, Front Mopar # 82203235


Mud flap, Rear Mopar # 82203236


Prowlerexcitement Mud Flap Install

5264913AA- Pulley- alternator decoupler


5264914AA- Cap- alt pulley 4868402AA- Alternator assy


Xenon Lights/Substitutes

Howler Concept Car!

The performance roadster pickup version of the Prowler boasts a V-8 engine with 250 horsepower and 300 pound feet of torque.


Howler Press

Part # 19605 (hi and Lo beams)
Roughly under $80.


Cool Blue Xenon Lights....

Leaky Top Replacement Parts


DC has a new rubber kit for the top. There are a total of six part numbers three seals on each side. I understand they are not cheap, so if you are going to get them replaced be sure to check getting it done under warranty!

Window seals - front Mopar # 4897898AA
Window seals - front Mopar # 4897899AA
Window seals - center Mopar # 4897900AA
Window seals - center Mopar # 4897901AA
Window seals - rear Mopar # 4897902AB
Window seals - rear Mopar # 4897903AB

your local dealer should replace the top rubber free it has 3 sections.ask your dealer to call DC hotline to get them up on this..... On the convertible top there are two adjusting screws (one on the passengers side and one on the drivers side) located on the back of the front to center rails that hold the seals. By turning them you can increase or reduce the pressure to the glass on the doors. The screws have a spoke or star type head and may need a special tool to turn them. I understand by increasing the pressure against the glass on the doors you may be able to stop most of the leaks.

Prowler Hitch


PHONE: (706) 793-1770
FAX: (706) 790-0981



Wenol Water Spot Remover

Laddie Roussel's Info on Trailers

Wenol all Purpose Metal Polish
"DRI WASH'n GUARD" Protective Glaze. WENOL quickly removes surface rust, oxidation and water spots in just minutes.
Contact David or Karen at
1-888-427-4463 Toll Free for product.

If your using netscape, hold the shift key down and click this link to download the text file. Anyone else, just click to view.


Trailer Price List From Laddie

Hyper Drive Systems

Laddie Roussel's Info on Floor Mats.

Plymouth Prowler Brakes The brake package utilizes large 12.2 vented iron rotors with billet aluminum hats, 4 piston billet aluminum calipers and sturdy billet aluminum mounting brackets. Hyperdrive Brakes are back up, and now being handled by Scott Curtis in Northern California.

Scott also has the polished front ends, and many other quality parts that make our cats look good. He did all the nut and bolt caps for mine, a very cool touch.

Please, call Scott, not me for questions, and prices,, he has brochures, but is not real internet proficient as yet.

Scott Curtis, 650 967 3609


The kit is shown here.. No website yet!!

If your using netscape, hold the shift key down and click this link to download the text file. Anyone else, just click to view.


Floormat Price List From Laddie


The Ultimate Automotive Resource For Car,Truck & Motorcycle Owners!


AMT/Ertl 1/25 Plymouth Prowler w/Trailer Rides Custom OFFLINE


AMT/Ertl 1/25 '97 Plymouth Prowler



Testors 1/43 Prowler Metal



Skinz Auto Wraps

Prowler Manuals









2924 Main St., Ste.103, Dallas, TX 75226 OFFLINE


May Wong
Account Executive - Skinz Auto Wraps 214.747.5469



The brakes for the PROWLER

What do you expect from perfect brakes? Perfect braking! All serious drivers dream of an easy to install package of matching calipers, rotors and pads,
designed and dimensioned for road or racetrack use, low wearing and with zero fading. but can that dream become a reality?



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