posted 06-25-2000 03:08 AM
Dan: You and your website, are a class act! Great job!


posted 08-21-2000 03:08 AM
you are the digital camera GOD! I always enjoy seeing your pictures.
Thanks for the # Blackcat



Purple Pacifican


posted 07-04-2000 04:41 PM
Dan, Cool graphics


posted 08-23-2000 09:14 PM
I want to say first to Dan, that I am glad there was nothing seriously wrong with his cat, and what a great job he is doing with his web site. He tells a story every time he has a subject. I love it.
 By the way, look at the reflection on the side of my purple. My car is more than two years old, and I have over 11,000 miles on it. I use Zaino wax, and can't say enough about it.
 Jim Clayton


Nowell Herman



posted 07-11-2000 08:41 PM
Hi Dan,
Good luck with your website and it's new domain name. I have enjoyed your site in the past and will continue to visit it in the
Happy Prowling,


posted 08-29-2000 11:02 PM
Actually i kind of like opening packages as well as Dan's detail in giving us information. Thanks Dan.


Laddie Roussel



posted 07-17-2000 08:39 AM
thanks for the sound... and your film crew...
A special thanks for all the work in your web site and making it available to all of us... another one of my favorite bookmarks...


posted 08-29-2000 11:52 PM
I agree, nothing wrong with detail at all. People want to know. Thanks Dan, keep up the good work.



John Cole


posted 07-24-2000 05:51 PM
Great pictures and great looking Cat.
Thanks for all the time and effort you go through to inform us. I know ,we all really appreciate it.


posted 08-30-2000 11:10 AM


Dan, keep up the good work andmif someone
 thinks this website is boring they sould
 not open it.





posted 08-03-2000 03:09 AM
Holy Crap Dan! Very different! Thanks 4 those pics.


posted 08-30-2000 01:17 PM
Thank you many times over and over.
I have learned alot from your page and you. Keep the good work and remember, "There is always someone that just does not get it"
Prowl on,
2000 Blk/Blk



Nowell Herman


posted 08-05-2000 01:10 AM
Hey, Dan!
Don't you have anything better to do with your time other than find things to make us laugh? Loved the limo shots!!


posted 09-13-2000 09:51 AM
That logo looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
John your Cat looks great!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan your web skills are awesome!!!!!





posted 08-16-2000 11:17 AM
Great Pics Dan! And as always, a big THANKS from ALL OWNERS to you for your love of the Car.
Tom Kalski, PPC VP & Co-OHSD


posted 09-13-2000 03:55 AM
great Dan your site is cool,,,





posted 08-16-2000 07:58 PM
thanks for the great pictures....HAN is one of the coolest events and I always loved the car shows & cruises. Looks like you
guys had a great time. Thanks for allowing me to share in all the great events - I don't feel so left out. Am looking forward to
cruising with you again one of these days (and this time I'll try not to hurt my car).


posted 09-13-2000 09:21 AM
Your site just keeps getting better, better and better!


Nowell Herman



posted 09-13-2000 09:59 AM
Looks Great!!


posted 10-25-2000 05:57 AM
Amazing Dan! Got that camera with you every where? It's good to have your documentation for everything. 


j paulsen



posted 10-02-2000 04:17 PM
Hey Pena, let them cover them under warranty until they can come up with some way to make them not so flimsy. Keep up the good work on your website!


posted 01-05-2001 08:01 AM
Hey now, Dan I have been over your site again and of the best sites I know
of............I start the install tomorrow........


Todd Cameron

Laddie Roussel


posted 03-10-2001 01:18 AM
Sounds like you did not make it to Death Valley either! I'll check it out in a few, knowing you it is "top notch" though!

    posted 03-10-2001 07:31 AM   Dan, super quick and I like the new look and checked out the visitor comments... I used IE 1st time & it came up very quick (blink of an eye; I have dsl).  I than used Netscape & it came up in (maybe 10 sec). All the links showed up and I did a little browsing... Looks very nice. Thanks for all the work on your web site... See you next week....       




posted 03-10-2001 07:53 AM
Great site, Dan..........!!!
Thanks for all you do for the Prowler owners at POA. You are generous with your time and you keep us laughing!!!


posted 03-10-2001 08:08 AM
Dan, as usual, good work.  With netscape and cable, came up immediately! I have you bookmarked 





posted 03-10-2001 08:52 AM
Dan, beautiful site and great job! Took 8 sec to load with 56k dialup. I'm anxious to spend more time on your site.


posted 03-10-2001 09:28 AM   Dan,
I'm on modem and it loaded up within seconds.
Keep up the great work


Rich Ware


posted 03-10-2001 10:48 AM
I like the new format. I am on DSL and it loaded immediately. Big Improvement.


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