I have received no money for this advertisement and do it out of my own enthusiasm and love for the Plymouth Prowler. I would not mind Paxton giving me a few thousand though?

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We (John Davies, Dan Pena and Obi-Wan) arrive at Paxton Headquarters in Burbank California.
David Adams (CEO & President) of Paxton picks us up at Burbank Airport. When we got to Paxton
Headquarters, I was ready to take video picks of everything that went on. We were fortunate enough to
catch David Adams in a racing mood.

He allowed John Davies and I to do some serious tire burning in front of his building. I definitely took
plenty of video picks to show all you folks.

He agreed to race John Davies with his Roush 330 rwhp mustang and his 460 rwhp
Cobra mustang. David Adams and his team did a great job on our Prowlers. They did a good
enough job to woop their beefed up stangs! Thanks PAXTON!

NOTE: This is the first time you'll see some purely non nitrous Prowlers doing some serious tire burning
exercises. Want to thank David Adams for allowing us to mess up his driveway and asking his
employees to remove their cars just incase we got way out of control.

John Davies and Dan Pena burn rubber in front of Paxton Headquarters

This video demonstrates how our Cats scratched Paxtons Floor! Here you see Paxton Headquarters working area!
I allow David Adams to demonstrate my new Hurst line lock system on my 331 rwhp 
Prowler. David Adams (President & CEO) gives us some pointers on how to use our 
Hurst line lock system. My Dyno Sheet.
John Davies gives us a lesson on how to plow your front tires. 
WARNING: This is one serious blooper! John Davies steps up to the plate gets a grip on his new Hurst line lock system. John Davies races his 331 rwhp Prowler with David Adams 330 rwhp Roush mustang. John Davies races his 331 rwhp Prowler with David Adams 460 rwhp Cobra Mustang. John Davies expresses his joy on his Victory run against David Adams big bad 
460 rwhp Cobra Mustang. David Adams is left speechless on his 460 rwhp Cobra mustang defeat against 
John Davies 331 rwhp Prowler.

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