It's The Clash Of The Titans!

Dan Peña's Black 1999 Supercharged Prowler against
John Davies Silver 2000 Supercharged Prowler!

Dan Peña races John Davies for pink slips!
Dan Peña and John Davies both have the Paxton installed!

It is unfortunate the battle for pink slips ended up in a draw.
We both kept our Cats.
We both pushed our Cats to the point of break down.
We went to purchase John Davies custom exhaust
mufflers at and when we got ready to leave , the race was on.
We both lined up at the lights, we both stepped on the
brakes while reving up the engine. The light turns green and
we are off. I got to say, I was pulling on John Davies!
I took off so hard I broke down my car and  could not go no more.
My check engine light turned on and my Cat was not idling smooth anymore
and was down for the count.  John Davies won!

It turns out while I was flooring it, my
rev limiter hit and I did not let off the gas causing my EEC(Electronic Engine Control)
module to shut down my engine. I later found out John Davies check engine light
also came on. We both suffered casualties. Speed Image sold one of John Davies mufflers
so we convinced them to call up their warehouse in San Francisco so that we could go and pick it up.

We went up to South San Francisco and had a good time.
When we headed back to San Jose, John wanted to go back down thru the 280 freeway.
We ended up racing at about 100 to 110 miles per hour going south on 280.

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to see each other battle it out!

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