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08:43 PM 6/11/2001

I made a sealed air induction scoop, drawing the fresh cooler outside air and sealing it off from the hot engine air. It comes in from the side panel. I have a temp gauge on the air coming in from both the outside and the rubber elbow attached to the engine.

I rapped the cat/ converters with header rap and made aluminum heat shields around them and also rapped the upright tube next to the right side cat. I experimented with cutting up an old a/c condenser and placed it around the lower tube to help dissipate heat and am now making a scoop to direct air through these fins. The result so far is I am putting air in at around the outside temp into the engine with no inter cooler needed.

I am not robing power from anywhere to help make power. I  am just reading and guessing about all of this but it is working. I removed the seal from my intake scoop and my temp gauge sucked in hot engine heat and pegged my temp gauge in a matter of minutes. The bottom line is there are a lot of us with a lot of imagination and creativity and time to experiment and try things so I waited until I new I had positive results before telling you about this. It seems basically the cooler the air coming into the engine the better.  I just did it this way. 

17:37:27 Tue, 12 Jun 2001

The rear tube is of coarse a water drain that  would be needed when driving forward and there is a second water drain in front  next to the supercharger when the car is stopped.

I have drain holes in the  bottom outside air cleaner canister and in 3 months of driving ( no  problems of any kind ), i opened up the 2 holes in the canister to one large  hole , now it dinoed out with 7.43 lbs of boost at 6000 rpm.

06-19-2001 06:56 PM:

To answer questions regarding my sealed intake system, it is not a kit, I made it myself. It was my idea to bring in cooler air from the outside rather than hot engine compartment air. To help cool the air in the engine compartment I also wrapped the catalytic converters with header wrap, made aluminum heat shields around them, and wrapped the upright supercharger tube with header wrap. I attached pieces of an a/c condensor surrounding the lower tube to help dissipate heat. I have 2 gauges monitoring intake temperature and the temperature coming into the engine is not much hotter than the outside air into the scoop. I have 2 water drains built into the scoop (front & rear) after driving it over 2 months have had no water problems.

I must say... the hardest part was cutting the hole in the side panel. It is only on the left side and behind the side marker light so as to not throw off the lighting balance.

I just dyno'd it last Friday (89 degree day) and produced 254 rwhp with 8.08 lbs boost and 209 ft/lbs torque. I have 23,000 miles on this car. I love it.

In the 3 years I've owned this car, I've handmade my own hardtop, polished the frame, chromed front suspension, Borla exhaust, on & on & on. My friends tell me I can't leave anything alone.

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