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You can purchase this DVD for $50.


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(Click image for a larger view)Mopar magazine ran several pages on this event and detailed two segments. WORLD'S FASTEST PROWLER and
PROWLER POWER was there to capture the pics and video footage. The atmosphere was electric. So many variations of Plymouth Prowler Roadsters. The Prowler rainbow was there. All the latest and coolest modifications were seen. For details reference our home page.

I outlined the schedule GaryC put up and placed links to the events I took pictures of in Texas.


Thursday (14th) 

Dan Peña Leaves San Jose and Arrives in Texas.

Thursday (15th) 

Meet at Horse Shoe Bay Resort, Eat, Drink and be Merry FILL UP KAT.

Friday (16th) 

Meet in parking lot at 8:30 am, leave at 9:00 am sharp to go to drag strip.

Drag Strip: Qualify from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm, lunch till 1:00 pm, & eliminations to 3:00 pm.

Loaded up and head back to Horse Shoe Bay, FILL UP KAT, Eat any where you wish.

Saturday (17th) 

Be at drivers meeting 8:00 am leaving at 8:30 SHARP.
Gas and food stop at Stephenville at 11:30 am. You have one hour FILL UP CAT.
Make your way to Holiday Inn Fort Worth North 2:15 pm.

Leave Hotel at 3:00 pm to go Texas Motor Speedway 
At 6:30 pm, back to the hotel FILL UP KAT, gas by the Hotel and have Open dinner 
We have a Banquet room (for raffle and prizes) set up for us for 8:30 pm 


Sunday (18th) 

Leave at 7:30am to go to TMS for laps at 8 to 10 am.
We can go with the TMS schedule for the PT Cruiser’s and at 4 to 6:00 pm for more laps.

Horse Shoe Bay Resort 
Marble Falls, Texas 
800 531 5105 – outside of Texas 
800 598 2511 – for Texans 
Normally $185.00, POA $115.00 a night, 
Ask Prowler Owners Association rate Thursday and Friday Nights 

Holiday Inn Fort Worth-North (Fossil Creek) 
2540 Meacham Blvd. 
Fort Worth, TX 76016
817 740 4608 ask Margo 
817 625 9911 
Normally $85.00, POA $69.00 a night. Ask Prowler Owners Association rate 
Go ahead and make reservations Saturday Night


I want to briefly thank a few people since DavidN was nice enough to let me use one of his many computers here in Texas country. I want to thank DavidN for all his hospitality and hard work and never realized how HUGE of a fan he is for the Plymouth Prowler Roadster. He never stops and is willing to help out no matter what!! David has a huge selection of limo's here and they are AWESOME. He had one of his limo's pick me up at the Airport here in Texas and got to tell you I thought I had hit the lottery. I had only dreamed of one day being picked up by those guys with black suits and holding a sign up with your name on it. THAT WAS COOL !!! I got a picture of that by the way ... David coordinated so many things that I'm not sure how to detail all of them. From what I saw and I know it was not everything, he did shirts, limo support, keeping the prowler group together as we headed to different destinations, bought lunch a few times for us and gave me some words of wisdom on how not to sweat the small things.  Please buy all the shirts DavidN made up for us. He never got to announce them to all, so, he did not get to sell them all.
Thank David!!

I want to thank Mike and Judy Krehel for their support on discussion board and at Texas. He is down to earth and a person who is real all the way. He is a very humble man and enjoyed watching him run at the track. I was a bit nervous to meet him though. Mike so sorry if I was nervous. I wanted to talk to you more but with so much activity going on, it was hard to stay focused on one thing. Thank you Mike for making the expense at this event. I really enjoyed your hospitality and thank you for welcoming me into this event. It was a pleasure. 

I want to thank GaryC for his support and helping me get lower airfare tickets and for hooking me up with PaulR and DavidN. I've heard alot of crazy stories about Gary but deep down the DUDE is GREAT! Just to let you know what kind of guy Gary is, as we drove off from Horse Shoe Bay Resort I needed to find a teller machine because I had run out of cash. As we got on the road, I saw a Wells Fargo go by and told Gary to turn around so I could get some cash. His response was, "DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT MAN, I GOT MONEY". I said to myself .... WOW!!

I want to thank CJ for allowing me to take pictures of her. I told her I really wanted to make her a banner but needed some facial shots of her and a special shot for a morphing sequence. She was nice enough to allow me to take a few pics. Thank You CJ!! 

I want to thank PaulR and his wife for their hospitality and letting me sleep in their beautiful home. They are very hospitable couple. I want to also thank them for allowing me to hitch a ride with them every so often through out this event. Paul and his wife are fun people to hang out with.

I want to thank Bob from Paxton for allowing me to ride with him in his BIG RIG towing the Paxton Cat and letting me know some of his secrets how much horsepower he was making before getting to the event. They have an AWESOME combination and I'm very happy with what they have done for the Plymouth Prowler Roadster. I drove their CAT and it has some serious torque. Bob had some trouble hooking all that power on the track and kept smoking the tires. On this one particular run he smoked 1st gear and 2nd gear. The Paxton Cat will be in the 12.15's soon. I can't wait to get that setup on my CAT. They also came up with a new exhaust system that I will change too. The CAT sounds very Healthy.

I also want to thank the rest of the Prowler Fans here in Texas. I had enthusisasts that came up to me and would say, "You must be Dan Peña". This almost got to my head but kept it under control .... I think ?? I had a few others in the TMS event that said "You must be the infamous Dan Peña" ... I said ... WOOOAAA ... "INFOMOUS DAN PENA???".

I've never felt so much at home being so far away from home. The atmosphere is down to earth and felt severally welcomed here in TEXAS country. I will definitely do this again!!



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