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Updated 6/28/00
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I'm in communication with!!
Laddie Roussel  <> (Louisiana Mandeville)
John Jacobs <> (San Jose)
John Davies <> (Mountain View)
Robert Thompson <> (Reno)
Marc Scarbeary <> (Denver)
 Note: Marc Scarbeary has ventured into PROWLER PRO INC.
           and wish him the best!! Apparently he wants to be faster.
           The faster the better I say!!


Updates as of 03/28/00 I have placed my paxton supercharger order with Ed at I'm very excited!!
Like to thank my cousin Sergio for his financial support on this project!
Updates as of 04/06/00 I have called around to find someone who will help me install my Paxton on my Prowler. I have gone to a place here in San Jose called Apex Motorsports who are a certified Vortech Supercharger installers for the Mustangs. The owner has called me but we have been playing phone tag. I also by accident talked to my neighbor Chris, and he said he knew of another mechanic who deals with supercharger installs. I have given him a call and is willing to take on the job once he fully understands the spec sheets. I told him I don't have any spec sheets at this time but as soon as I receive them, I will let him know. The quest continues!!
Updates as of 04/11/00 Dear Prowler Enthusiasts, 

If you live in the Northern California area and have purchased the Paxton chargers from just wanted to inform all of you out there that Bill the owner of has agreed to take on the install project. 

They are an "Official Vortech Supercharger Distributor" and install base for Mustang and Cobras. The paxton install should be a familiar install for them. 

This is all.... 

 The quest continues!!

Updates as of  04/25/00 I've received news that my paxton will be here by 5/30/00. I'm still just twiddling my thumbs and waiting!

The quest continues!!

Updates as of 4/27/00
Laddie Roussel (Plymouth Prowler Club State Director, Louisiana Mandeville, La.) sent me these pictures to enjoy!! THANKS LADDIE!!

Here are his comments on his visit to Paxton Headquarters!

Hi Dan.

I went to Paxton today met with David Baker. I was able to test drive the Paxton car. It seems almost twice as fast as mine up to 60. Using my 1001, 1002, 1003, etc... In Paxton I got to 60 at 1005. On my car it's 1008 or 1009. Not scientific but it was the only way I knew how to compare.

Checked on the install and David said $2,000 at Paxton over a week or two... I'll stick with my local Paxton installers or a Chrysler dealer... Paxton does have dyno on site and include before & after runs on the dyno.

The car is really runs nice. It is very smooth and much more responsive.
It is not noisy. The only noise I heard was the Borla exhaust (my straight pipes may be a little louder). 
The car is very drivable. It's just much more responsive. I don't think it is as quick right off as a NOS kit. 
It just doesn't peter out, just keeps go go going... I was impressed.. The installation looks very professional and made of quality material...

 After the return and when I was backing it into the shop, I did hear a little whistle sound at idle with the door open.  Here's a few pics. The silver air box over the K&N filter will be power coated in Black to match the inside. The fuel control module will have to be moved in over the battery from there current install position.
 The alternator has to be relocated to mount the Paxton blower. The stock air filter box is removed. It looks very professional and factory installed. I don't have any complaints at this time.... laddie...

David gave me a new Paxton catalog and bulletin on the Prowler kit which is now inside their new catalog. Here's their published numbers.

0-60 mph 5.1 sec
Qtr Mile: 13.7 @ 99 mph

Novi 1000 SC @ 8 psi
Engine mgmt system cotrols spark timing & fuel under boost 
conditions by utilizing two supplemental 36lb injectors.
1/2" Black Anodized Billet Alum bracket
K&N Air Filter
Aluminum air box around air filter
All Alum discharge ducting
By-pass / Anti surge valve
 50%  increase in HP
40% increase in torque

I was already committed but I'm more ready now to do it.... Dave did say that the final tuning might get the 0-60 down to under 5.0 (4.8 or 4.9).  By the way Motor Trend did this testing and I'm told it has been on speed vision under Motor Trend ( I don't get speed vision)...


Updates as of 05/30/2000
Called David Baker at 888-9-PAXTON Ext 222 and he told me I would see my paxton package in two weeks from today! So, we're  looking at the end of week June 18th! This is just a nerve racking experiance.

The quest continues!!

Updates as of 05/30/2000
Laddie Roussel (Plymouth Prowler Club State Director, Louisiana Mandeville, La.) emailed me this afternoon letting me know some of the delays on the prowler paxton kits.
His email-
>Just spoke with David Baker and the SC will not ship this week. Probably
>early next week. David told me they were still waiting on an external
>vendor part associated with polishing the blower.  David
>said he would be calling everyone... laddie...

The quest continues!!

Updates as of 06/07/00 Comments from Larry Lord SoCal State Director-
I was contacted by David Adams from Paxton today. 
 David is looking for a 1999 Prowler owner that is interested in getting a discounted price for an installed supercharger. Paxton is ready to ship the superchargers but feels that it is a good idea to do a complete installation on a virgin 1999 Prowler before shipping the finished kits. The purpose of this offer is to guarantee that the kit will be a complete and trouble free process for the end users. Paxton is offering the complete installed package for $6500.00, a discount of $1100.00 of the normal installed price of $7600.00. I have driven the Paxton Prowler and can assure you that it is a very driveable yet powerful vehicle. 
 Time is short for this one time only offer. Only one Prowler is needed for this offer. 
 Paxton needs the car almost immediately and will need it anywhere from 1- 2 weeks. 
 Please contact David Adams or David Baker at 805-987-8660 ASAP if you are interested in this offer.""""""

Comments from Tuna-
I just got off the phone with David Baker at Paxton, and he assures me that the kit for my '99 is still on schedule to ship the day after tomorrow (Friday, 6/9), and that the kits look great, and that the 'virgin' test installation will have been completed by that time... 

The quest continues!!

Updates as of  06/15/2000
After placing my order on 3/28/00, it will finally be here.
David from paxton just called me letting me know my paxton kit is coming and should be at my door step in two days.

LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL......!!!!!!!!!!!

The quest continues!!

Updates as of  06/19/2000 Interesting Question and Answer: (A food For Thought)!

Question:  Presented by: 

A supercharger on the Prowler sounds great! What a way to get awesome power.
I do have a couple of questions though. The stock engine is about 10.5 to 1 compression ratio. 
When a supercharger is put on a race car, muscle car, or any car, the maximum compression ratio is 
between 7.5 and 8.5 to 1 so as not to destroy the engine. 
The supercharger effectively increases the compression ratio based on the amount of boost pressure. 
Also, forged pistons are a must, or they won't last long.
When Paxton installs the supercharger --
 Is there any machine work done on the heads, or otherwise, to decrease the compression ratio? If not, why? 
Also, what kind of pistons are in the stock engine (I would be surprised if the pistons are forged)? 
If they are cast pistons, how do they think they will hold up? 
Do they guarantee the engine against damage?

Thanks, in advance, for any information.

Answer:  Answeredby: 

The Paxton system has been road tested for many miles for almost a year on a stock 99 Prowler. 
I would suggest you contact David Baker of Paxton at 888.972.9866, ext. 222 to get answers to your questions.
 I can give you some answers based upon my experience with centrifugal systems, but do not have personal experience with Roots type blowers seen on so many hi powered drag cars. Roots has an advantage for drag applications since it's producing a bunch of boost at idle and thus starting line performance is improved. Centrifugal chargers, and in particular Paxton's system does not provide positive pressure until it's needed and the maximum on this system has been set to be 8 PSI with peak pressure of no more than 9. Also the system provides extra fuel when needed and retards the ignition when needed so detonation is never encountered and thus engine longevity is increased. Even an unsupercharged engine can suffer detonation if not tuned correctly, etc... and destroy itself quite quickly.
I fairly sure the aluminum pistons in our Prowlers are not forged, but the rods are and the engine is quite stout with full floating pistons, strongly reinforced aluminum block and cast aluminum pan, etc. The rear end/transaxle can also handle a bunch more power due to the torque management system that's inherent in the existing setup. Paxton guarantees their system for a year, but not the engine and drivetrain. I do know that Chrysler factory folks went to Paxton and played around with the system they've had on their Red Prowler and stated that with 8-9PSI and the way the system prevents detonation, that the rear-end is defintely no problem and neither is the engine.
The only recommendation they made was that if someone changed drive pulleys to get pressure above 9 psi, then the bottom end of the engine should be reinforced.
Paxton can share their experience with you when you call them. I look forward to having a bunch more power that comes on with the characteristics that I know come from this type of system. I am also not concerned about drivetrain longevity. I ran a two stage Paxton thru a stock injected small block 65 Vette with big pressure - around 15PSI. I had it for a year and about 20,000 miles of absolutely wild performance. The new owner never had any problem either.
If you think that forged aluminum pistons are an absolute must for a SC system, then don't buy one for your Prowler.

Hope this helps some.

The quest continues!!

Updates as of 06/20/2000 I have submitted my paxton manual to Apex Motorsports and have scheduled my paxton install on the last week of July. I hope to have it up and running
in August!

The quest continues!!

Updates as of 06/26/00 Comments from Laddie Roussel (Plymouth Prowler Club State Director, Louisiana Mandeville)-
Just finished the inventory. Each assembly is neatly packaged in viscayne (sp?) and P/N on outside. 
The Blower is in separate cardboard box inside big box (total weight about 75 lbs or so). 
I called David at Paxton to clarify two items. The kit is complete and here are the two items.

1) the S/C Mtng Brkt. assembly didn't have the P/N written on outside package p/n 1016034 (large black assembly with three pulleys & bolts)

2) Asy, Alternator had different P/N on outside package (p/n 1210708 is for Alt wiring harness). 
The correct P/N (what's on Master Pull List is p/n 1016069). This includes the pulley & harness which is all inside the package.

There are 15 packages plus the manuals & decals, straps & warranty card and stuff... I'm going to make copy of installation manual and bring to installer today... I'll be taking Prowler in on Monday

.... laddie...

Comments from Rich Tilden-
I left a message for David Baker - one problem that delayed me for 4 hours was the tap required for installing the oil return line in the side of the oil pan is listing INCORRECTLY.  I went looking all over hell for the tap and finally got to a massive machine shop supply house who flat told me that the listed 3/8-inch X 16 NPT does not exist and the only tap I should use is a 3/8 X 18.  We checked the threads on the fitting to be sure!! 

Also, if you or a semi-professional is doing this job, the hose clamps are of an extremely frustrating design.  I recommend getting the special tool from Chrysler!  The most time consuming work operation was removing the lower radiator hose.  I have two special clamp removing tools and numerous vice grips and channel locks and......ended up cutting the hose in frustration and knowing that their is a replacement hose in the kit with regular stainless screw type clamps.  The heater hose that comes off the thermostat housing is a real treat for the same reason!!!

Updates as of 6/27/00 Comments from Laddie Roussel (Plymouth Prowler Club State Director, Louisiana Mandeville)-
Well Steve was able to spend the best part of today dedicated to the install.  We are on step 36. I did speak with David Baker today and the tap should be X 18 NPT tap (not X 16). Thanks to Rich. The lower radiator hose seems to be the biggest problem. Steve had the correct tool to take off but the clamp is positioned where it is tight to get to it... Putting the new lower hose on was a little of a challenge for Steve as well.  The only comment up to this step is the oil input line to SC is about 36" long and this seems excessive (requires a long loop to take up slack). We're moving along on target.

One question (I did check with David Baker & the engineers recommend autolite 5224 spark plugs). Do any of you have suggestions for an alternative?  We're going to use the autolite 5224.

Is there anyone else we should add to our distribution list? Rich told me he had gotten some good input from a couple of other people doing the install... I'm amazed at all the special tools that Steve has in his arsenal... laddie...

Updates as of 6/28/00 Comments from Rich Tilden:

The kit is top notch in terms of quality and the instruction manual is excellent. It's the little unforeseen things that take all the time and sweat. The factory hose clamps (they used on just about everything) are awful and require a special Chrysler tool. The lower radiator hose and the heater hose are both boogers to get off even with the body side panels completely removed.

Comments from Mike Krehel:

My recommendation to anyone attemping to install the supercharger is to first remove the hood. Installtion with the hood on will be a back breaker!!! There are only 4 bolts and it is very light and easy to remove.

Updates as of 6/29/00 Comments from Rich Tilden:
As Mike Krehel found out, the illustrations in the instructions - figures 18 and 20 are incorrect since they spec the same buttonhead bolts in different holes and then both show the drivers side of the engine.

Also, the instructions are based on an early production 99 and I have a late production (even if it is the same color or red).  This may have caused some problems for me.  Specifically, when doing the installation of the Power Steering stuff, I do not have a 180 degree hose that I can cut in half per the instructions.  Also, the existing tube, that's supposed to be reversed, that ends up going from the pump to the new large reservoir line is not configured per the instructions.  I managed to install it but anticipate problems later when I put the radiator back in.  Also, the 3/8 inch hose from the new reservoir is not long enough to go around the condenser, so I went thru the center hole where the large hose and the battery cables go - this has not been friendly to the coil fins on my condenser!

I am calling in the various errors and omissions to Paxton today.  You are beyond the problems I encountered.  One, however, still bugs me.  My car is a late 99 and maybe there's a difference with the Power Steering setup.  I could not follow the instructions and made no cut to a 180 degree hose since I do not have one, etc.  I am also concerned about the routing of the metal pipe from the pump to the steering rack (the big hose and pipe) - it just doesn't look right.  Also, I did not have enough of the 3/8" hose to run around the condenser, so I went thru the middle hole with the other hose from the reservoir - hope I can reinstall the radiator and the condenser OK.

Comments from Laddie Roussel (Plymouth Prowler Club State Director, Louisiana Mandeville)-
Hi Rich. Here's one pic I have of the PS pump. Steve had to route the pressure line on the back side versus front side of the other PS line. This allowed the radiator hose to connect straight in to the engine. I'll print your note and bring with me for Steve to look at. I'll get some other pics from underneath . laddie...

One other thing Mike called me last night and I'm going to be checking on the Alternator pulley and belt. Mike said on his  the belt overlapped the pulley by 3/16" and when he put the nut on the bolt with new pulley it did not completely cover bolt... So, I'm going to check with Steve on this and than post whatever I find. laddie...

Hi Dan, Bill. One of the questions I'm gong to be checking on this morning is the new Alternator pulley. Had a call from Mike last night and he said the Alternator belt was overlapping the edge of the Alt pulley by 3/16" of an inch. He also said when he put the new pulley on - the nut would not completely cover the bolt. I need to check with Steve this morning. He did not mention anything about this. Once  I check with Steve, I'll post to the group. laddie...

And, I'll call David Baker this morning after I speak with Steve our Tech here... laddie... Dan,  I'm getting my install done at Performance Factory Outlet in Metarie, Louisiana. The phone # is 504-837-0222. I should be there by 9:30am CDT (7:30 your time) today. I'm copying Bill at Apex since I think that is where you're getting your install done...
Either one of you can call us at Performance Factory Outlet.  laddie...

Updates as of  07/07/00 Just got off phone with David at Paxton.  The reason we are all experiencing low boost is that they set us up that way - to generate 5-6 psi for initial break-in and then they will send, at customer's request, a performance upgrade kit.  The kit will include a new venturi (aluminum cone) and a new airbox, which should take the boost up - AS WE ALREADY KNOW!!!!!!!!1

I told David that I think this was extremely poor customer relations and that some people were even spending time machining new pieces, etc...  He promised to call John and Laddie today and anyone else that he's talked to.  The new parts are "supposed to ship by the end of next week."

My car is finished and fired but not yet driven.  Thanks to all you folks for your help.  Maybe we can now get what we were promised from Paxton!

Rich Tilden