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Napa Green Grape Tour Guide

Check out those Prowlers!

I have put together all the pictures I took in the order of events!
Select the icons below labeled "Page 1" - "Page 8" to view the
owesome cruise we had.  I have asked Napa Green Grape to
give a brief description of our tour. He will be our tour guide!
For those of you with 28K modems, some of these pages might
take a minute or two to download. The wait it worth it!!
Cruise Dates: 04/07/2000 through 04/09/2000.

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Myself, my cousin on the left and behind them are Arlene and Randy. 
On the right are Larry, Debbie, Charlotte and George.
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Sutter Home Winery Garden
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I want to thank Phil Horvath and his wife for planning a great CA wine country cruise
and paying out of his own pocket for the Rutherford Hills Winery tour! 
I also want to thank all the Prowler Enthusiasts who without them, 
this tour would not have happened! 

Randy Hatfield 
Larry Lord 
John Davies 
Jim Clayton 
Jim Hergert 
George Carter
Gary Myers 
Ernie Lowe 
Debbie Angell 
Dan Pena 
Bill Chiechi 
Alan Sundberg 

My cousin and I had a blast. This website is put together by yours truly and I hope you folks enjoy it! Wanted to get fancier but work is demanding my time!

Map of where the Prowler Club Stayed!


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