Want to thank Phil Horvath and his wife for their wonderful hospitality!
They allowed me to stay in their home and enjoyed myself tremendously 
particularly the computer generated wall picture of an eagle feeding its hawks 
along with the other image of three crosses. Really tripped out on those picture 
frames at Phill's house. I will never forget that.
For those of you who have an opportunity to stay at  Phill's house, 
check out these wall pictures.
I had a great time with all the Prowler Enthusiasts in Folsom Ca.
I have never seen this many custom hot rods like I did at Folsom Breakout 2000.
For those of you who did not show up missed out. But, thank God for the
power of the internet and can check out what you have missed!

Larry Lords Hat "The Movie"
Note: Click on Larry Lord's Hat to 
Activate the Movie.
Larry Lords Hat Makes Motion Picture Status.
George's Owesome Red Prowler "The Movie"
Note: Click on George's Red Cat to 
Activate the Movie.
George's Red Cat The Movie


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