Ball Joint Modification
These set of pictures will reveal what "Safety Recall No. C03" was all about. Scott Curtis and Dick OzGood cut up the original and new ball joint case and discover the upgrade. Come and watch with us.
Ball Joint Install
These set of pictures will illustrate the step by step process of removing the lower A arm ball joints. I want to thank Curtis and his dealership for allowing the photography to go on while doing an install. I also want to thank Dave for staying in control while many critiques stand around and tell him how to do his job.
Reason For Recall
These set of pictures shows the reason why the recall C03 began. The rubber boot tears due to some environmental reason and rust begins to contaminate the ball joint stud. This in turn will snap releasing the lower A arm into open air. Bill Growls Prowler was inspected before removal and the tech noticed the boot was torn. Bill is blessed to be unharmed.
Curtis Home
Curtis allowed the POA members to visit his home for a pit stop before proceeding to his Dealership in Stockton. Thank you Curtis!
Scott Curtis Door Kit
These set of pictures will illustrate how to widen your Prowler doors by 7 inches with Scott Curtis door kit. He sells them for $20 dollars.
The Dealership
These set of picture will show the time and effort that went into coordinating this event. We had free hot dogs, ice cream, soft drinks and popcorn. We had a very good time. Thank you Curtis..
The Hawler
Here are some pictures of the Die Cast Prowler that never got built. It is called the Hawler. This die cast belongs to Curtis.
The Trophy Winner
Here is the winner of Best of Show. This Kat has style and deserved to win. CONGRATULATIONS!
Center Cap Tip
Here are some tips to reduce the risk of breaking your center cap clips. Courtesy of Scott Curtis.

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